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Welcome to Pathway to Healing Consultations! The process of healing is a very individual and unique experience for each person. The path that is taken by one human being to deal with one health issue may not be the same path taken by another dealing with the same health concern.

My role as a doctor of natural medicine is to assist and guide you along your unique path to obtain optimal health in a lasting way given all the changes that life offers us. Together, using a multidisciplinary approach to mind body medicine, we work as a team to discover, and understand, what is at the core of how you may experience imbalance and what keeps you in an optimal state of health. This empowering journey facilitates your being able to maintain your balance by increasing your knowledge of healthcare tools and resources, as well as the confidence in your abilities to achieve maintain your health goals.

When our path is always flowing forward we can experience healing as a distinctive learning experience that varies as our life circumstances change. We find we are more flexible, tolerant, patient and loving toward those around us as we begin to feel better and better. Guiding you to meet your health care goals and assisting you to live the healthiest life possible, enables you to put your energy and effort into more rewarding life experiences, such as discovering and fulfilling your purpose for being here. When we heal ourselves we also facilitate the healing of those around us, like ripples on a pond. I look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you for visiting, Dorise.

Practitioner Bio

Dorise Sweetnam picture Dorise Sweetnam graduated with a combined degree in biology-psychology, which focused on researching antioxidants and psychoneuro-immunology, and she has applied this scientific background to her studies in complementary medicine.



Blessings for health and happiness now and always.